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The Rational Actor

Last night I had the opportunity to hear Greg Ip, US Economics Editor of The Economist, speak at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He had some great insights on the current state of the US economy and what that … Continue reading

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Berlusconi Steps Down

The NY Times describes a great scene from this past Saturday: An impromptu orchestra and choir gathered outside the presidential palace, where Mr. Berlusconi resigned, playing the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s “Messiah.” Hundreds of spectators gathered outside, shouting “buffoon” and … Continue reading

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No Winners in Debt Debate

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Bob Dylan I recently read in which he answered a question about politics. Q: What’s your take on politics? Dylan: Politics is entertainment. It’s a sport. It’s for the well groomed and … Continue reading

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Planet Money Comes to DC

Last night, NPR’s Planet Money came to DC’s Sixth and I Historic Synagogue for a live event and taping. Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson, interspersed with pre-recorded interview segments, painted a picture of two coexisting US economies: the “broken” economy … Continue reading

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Raise The Debt Ceiling Rap

ReasonTV and DC’s own Remy have a catchy video up about the debt ceiling. One week until August 2nd.

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Talk with David Rosenberg

I recently had the pleasure of talking with David Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin and Sheff and we talked about some of his impressions on the economics behind several of the songs on Recession Sessions . Greenspan’s Defense Rosenberg is … Continue reading

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