Economic Update On Recession Sessions

QE2 – Shortly after the release of our album, the Fed announced QE3 making our massive radio hit “QE2” feel dated to diehard fans of financial folk. Through three rounds of quantitative easing, the Fed purchased 4.5 trillion dollars in … Continue reading

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Greenspan’s Defense

I just finished reading Alan Greenspan’s latest book on the financial crisis called The Map and The Territory. I really was hoping that the book would be his confession that flawed monetary policy led to a global financial crisis and … Continue reading

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Economics as Science

Caroline Blaum wrote a recent piece for Bloomberg arguing that economists should stop pretending to be scientists. Or, rather, that they should acknowledge that what they practice isn’t science. If science means accruing knowledge through experiment-based discovery, economics (or at … Continue reading

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The Rational Actor

Last night I had the opportunity to hear Greg Ip, US Economics Editor of The Economist, speak at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He had some great insights on the current state of the US economy and what that … Continue reading

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Who Else Could Ever Ease As Quantitative As Me?

When the Fed launched its first episode of quantitative easing in November 2008 (1.25 trillion in MBS purchases and 175 billion in agency purchases), investors largely embraced it and considered it a necessary move given the ongoing panic in credit … Continue reading

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Pistol Pete

I recently had the opportunity to hear Pistol Peter Schiff speak on the economy. His speech rehashed his major talking points over the past several years but it was fun seeing him in person. Here were some of his major … Continue reading

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“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” – Jim Rohn “Remember the fallback plan: if you’re not sure of the next step, start by helping people and creating … Continue reading

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Tour Recap

First of all, thank you to all of you who came out in Chicago, Boston, and New York to support us and help to raise money against homelessness and insecurity in your community. Thanks to you, we raised nearly $7,000 … Continue reading

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January Tour Dates!

The Bull and the Bear are taking Recession Sessions on tour this month! For each show, we are proud to partner with and raise money for a different local organization making a real difference in its community. Please join us … Continue reading

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Comments on Suzuki Article

Couple comments on David’s Suzuki’s article this morning published in the Huffington Post. 1. Reading the article I began to reflect on how seemingly paradoxical it is to be a liberal. In the article, Suzuki makes the point that many … Continue reading

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