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The Legacy Of The Oil Barons

On February 29th 2011, the Brent price of crude oil soared past $100 per barrel as a wave of political strife swept through Tunisia, Egypt and then Libya. This rise marked the highest level for crude prices ever, barring the … Continue reading

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The wall street protests have reminded me of a quote from the book Jitterbug Perfume by the great Tom Robbins: “The rich are the most discriminated-against minority in the world. Openly or covertly, everybody hates the rich because, openly or … Continue reading

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NPR Segment and Writing

During our segment on NPR yesterday, they were very curious about 2 songs on our album Qe2 and Main Street venting blues. This is funny because when Kyle and I recorded the album in Montreal, those were the 2 songs … Continue reading

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Hear Us On Morning Edition

NPR’s Morning Edition aired a segment featuring The Bull and the Bear’s Recession Sessions this morning. Give it a listen! ‘Recession Sessions’ Reflects Economic Chill Songs excerpted or mentioned: Central Banker’s Dilemma Main Street Venting Blues QE2 Our Love Is … Continue reading

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Bernanke Speaks On The Protests

The wall street protestors are having some success at gaining recognition from key policy makers like Ben Bernanke who responded to a question yesterday about the protests to the joint economic committee . He claimed to sympathize with the protests … Continue reading

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“On October 30 2008, I took the opportunity to deliver a pep talk to my staff, just before we began a lengthy strategy session in which I would lay out the assignments for the next few days. And of course … Continue reading

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Today I headed down to LaSalle St, center of Chicago’s financial activity, to see the OccupyWallSt presence in Chicago and see what I could learn about them. There were probably a hundred people chanting, banging on drums, and holding various … Continue reading

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